Christmas in April

Christmas in April is an annual event, held on the last Saturday in April, wherein volunteers give back to the community by cleaning and/or repairing the homes of the elderly or less able County residents. Members of the PGCBA have volunteered with the Christmas In April Program for the past eight years. Those who have participated have consistently commented that they received as much satisfaction as those homeowners whom they assisted. As a result, those who volunteer find themselves returning each April (after a "gentle" prodding from me!).

The Executive Director of the Prince George's County Christmas in April Program, Mary Kucharski, always matches PGCBA members with what she considers an "easy home" since she knows the House Captain (yours truly) has limited skills. Her definition of "easy" has varied over the years, however, depending upon the number of volunteers. Thus, one "easy" year found Jay Creech, Sean Wallace, Eric Nyce, Bill Brennan and Luther Watkins replacing a tile floor and ceiling in a kitchen; while another found Toni Clarke, John Fredrickson, and Susan Bayly assisting in the construction of an access ramp for a disabled homeowner; and still another found Chris Dunn simply shopping for mulch! No matter what daunting task was faced, our members had fun in completing the job.

The PGCBA has already received the call to sponsor another home in April, 2002. I hope all who have volunteered in the past find the time to do so again, but I urge those of you who haven't make plans to do so. I promise it will be one of the most satisfying pro bono experiences you will ever have. See you next year!

By Maurene Epps Webb
Zoning Hearing Examiner
Chair, PGCBA Christmas in
April Program Committee