CASA of Maryland, the state's largest Latino organization, focuses on improving the lives of working people, particularly in the Langley Park/Long Branch areas of Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. On an annual basis, CASA provides more than 9000 temporary, seasonal, or full-time jobs to people, teaches more than 10,000 hours of English, and recovers more than $300,000 in unpaid wages.

Attorneys at the Employment Rights Project bring lawsuits to defend the rights of low-wage workers. We represent day laborers, domestic workers and other vulnerable workers whose rights are violated in Maryland and DC state and federal courts for nonpayment of wages; minimum wage and overtime violations; unlawful wage deductions; retaliatory discharges, and indentured servitude. Our cases are a mix of simple and complex litigation, with amounts in controversy as little as one-hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CASA attorneys also engage in efforts to reform workplace abuses and improve the level of civil rights for the Latino community in general. In the past year, we actively advocated for the passage of statewide legislation to improve access for limited-English proficiency speakers to state agencies and courts. Additionally, we successfully lobbied, with our clients, for passage of the Victim Trafficking Act of 2000 which provides additional relief to workers enslaved by the employers. CASA also builds community through assistance to new small businesses and work cooperatives. In addition to training, CASA attorneys provide transactional assistance to new businesses.

CASA clients, all low-income community members, pay for their legal representation with community service hours which they utilize to build stronger families and neighborhoods. Some examples of ways in which an attorney can provide pro bono assistance to CASA clients is by:

Representing Plaintiffs in cases to recover unpaid wages; Assisting small business owners in enforcing contracts;

Lobbying in Annapolis for more hospitable laws for workers and for immigrants.

For more information about pro bono opportunities, please call
(301) 431-4185.

By Kim Propeack, Esq.

Staff Attorney

CASA of Maryland, Inc.